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Future telecommunications is today , you can call and chat with anyone with or without internet . Free if both has internet and paid cheap rate for if the other party doesn't have internet .

Simple design

KON has been made by professionals from many companies and countries with all respect who helped developed this nice simple calling app ,a real telecom app.

Visual Telecom

KON is Powered by SHUF INC USA a visual telecommunication company and also FCC licensed company in the united states .

any time support

We are different than any other apps we treat our customers all VIP because we are a telecom provider we are not just app builders .. we treat you as a real subscriber and we are here to help .


Kon has been designed to give you many available features for you so you can relax and make calls and chat with friedns and families and even business 
you can buy international numbers and also top-up.

Free Audio & Video calls

make high quality free audio calls with kon users and also high quality video calls and make your calls more interesting.

Free Multimedia & emoticons

Chat with text , audio , video and locations and emoticons with simple interface and share even with many users .

International Numbers

Buy and order international numbers for you with simple click , you can choose from more than 71 avilable countries .

Easy Top-up

the good thing is you can call anywhere anytime with very good cheap rates and using your own caller ID number .

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Watch latest Kon Video and see how KON chat application can help you make free calls
Call - chat - video call -location - attach - share and more

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Easy signup with KON using your phone Number or email and start calling everyone for free or good rates , invite them so they can enjoy free calls


We Love to see you all happy , and KON has been made by real telecom professionals and big telecom company developers
we like to see your reviews here so we can improve our kon app


KON comes with Android , Iphone IOS and Windows
stay connected with everyone works on all platfroms

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KON Phone is new smartphone beyond expectations a secure smartphone built-in with kon chat app

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please check frequently asked questions section to better help you
if you see your question is not listed simply contact us at contact link


In order to make free calls the other person has to have the KON app installed on his/her smartphone or tablet or PC. Those friends who use KON will appear with a status icon next to their picture in the Contacts menu in KON. The icon shows presence and also indicate that you can use all free communication features like free call, free video, free chat and sending attachments. If you do not see any contact with the status icon it means that no one from your contacts uses KON yet. In this case just let your friends know about KON, when they join to KON you will be instantly notified and they will appear as KON contact.


KON OUT is our service for calling to non KON numbers which can be regular mobile and landline numbers. We try to offer the most competitive rates while ensuring decent quality. To use KON out you need to top up your account first. Also before you make a call you can see information about the cost of the call per minute, it is shown in dollars. Billing is per second..


Coming Soon we will give anyone Invite his friends to join KON. Once they join ask them to go to Share your love menu and there to choose your contact as the person who invited them. You will get 0,20 $ from each person who confirmed that were invited by you..


It is per second, in dollars, rates are shown per minute.


Using 鮤 friendsﰴion, you can easily search for your friends using their email, password or nickname.



Get latest offers and news from KON chat application the new secure calling and messaging application
we give sometimes free credit so you can enjoy calling family and friends for free


Stay connected with KON Team and send us your feedabck , question and suggestions
we are here to help

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    Los Angeles California 91401 USA
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    +1 818 6166088 +1 818 7970007
  • email help@konchat.com

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